Wednesday, March 22, 2006
We're still here
So sorry we haven't been updating. I have a few pics on the camera that I will post soon.

It's just that by the time I get home 5:30-6ish, we have to:

Make dinner
while tripping over two cats and a 13 month old who all want my attention. This is why I don't like to cook. I feel rushed and I can't do a good job. Let's order out.

Eat dinner
while constantly picking up sippy cups and preventing plates and food from being flung. I feel like i need 10 more arms.

Clean up kitchen
yeah, right - that will wait until after the bug is in bed. I will post a picture of her helping me with the dishes.

Have a bath
well, we run the bathwater and undress... then chase a squealing naked baby around just because it's fun and she gets a kick out of it. Finally in the tub, we do a quick bath because she really just splashes a bit and gets bored fast.

7:30 -8:00
Pajamas, milk and a book (or two)
Haleigh still gets a bottle before bedtime, sometimes a bottle and a half. It's a way for her to wind down and relax. If this works, I can just say nite-nite and put her in her crib awake. She will lie down and fall asleep on her own. If she is still running around with the bottle, I have to rock her for a few minutes in the dark, then put her to bed almost asleep. That doesn't happen much though, usually I can just put her in the crib awake.

The Cleanup
once she's in bed, I put away everything in the living room she's thrown everywhere, put her magnets back on the stove and dishwasher and do the dishes from dinner.

Chad went to bed a while ago so he can get up at 4am for work, so now I can do whatever I want. I should catch up on some blogs bills or reading (The Da Vinci Code) but you know, I'm so darn tired now I'm just going to bed!


Blogger holli said...

Oh how I know the feeling.. I'll choose sleep over just about anything anymore!! Not that I have TOO many choices. :)

Funny thing, I end up wide awake by 4AM most of the time.

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