Friday, March 03, 2006
This morning was rough. Chad leaves for work around 4am and Haleigh happened to wake up from a bad dream about then. So I rocked her a little, and she relaxed and was drowsy when I put her back to bed. I said good morning to Chad and went back to bed.

That's when the cats decided to hold a wrestling match under. my. bed. Not only were they making a ton of noise and bumping the bed around, there wasn't anything I could do about it. I tried shooing them, I tried asking nicely, and finally I had to resort to filling their food dishes just to get them out of the bedroom. I hate doing that at 4am because then they expect it. But whatever, I needed more sleep.

So, I'm back in bed, and Chad starts his car from up in the apartment with his nifty car starter. If you know him, you know how loud his exhaust is. It's so loud, it makes it impossible to fall asleep. And I could hear Haleigh stirring through the baby monitor, so great, she wasn't asleep yet either.

She didn't fuss though; I just heard her moving around, trying to get comfortable. Probably putting a blanket over her head to muffle out the car exhaust noise like I was.

Finally Chad went downstairs and left for work and we listened to him pull out of the parking lot and on to the main street, turn at the light and head towards the expressway. Through the baby monitor, I heard Haleigh pop her binki out of her mouth, and a little voice said...



Blogger holli said...

I love it when Faith says "hi" and "bye" first thing in the morning.. no idea why - I just think it's so silly and cute!!!

Isn't it the WORST when you could be getting sleep but it's the pets keeping you up??? Nate did that to us this morning!! GRRRRRR.

Blogger Averie Jean said...

We know you're busy but we miss you, Haleigh! We keep checking! :o)

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