Sunday, March 26, 2006
So I got a new cell phone today. It was about time; my old one was two years old! So this one has a camera on it and I wish I would've had it this morning when we went to the mall because it was a great time. (I picked it up after the mall)

Kristy, Kevin and I took Haleigh to the mall to kill some time this morning. We went to the little kids play area by Penney's (I know, Germ City right) but it wasn't too crowded and I wanted to see what she would do.

Well, she acted like she'd never seen another child in real life before. She really hasn't I guess because she doesn't go to daycare and our friends have kids who are either older or just babies, but seriously she was just weird today.

As soon as she saw the kids she repeated "baby" over and over... and it didn't matter how old the kid was, they were still babies to her. So I set her down by a big foamy bridge thing and kids were flinging themselves all over it and all around her and she was so ecstatic to stand there and watch them fly by her. She would point and say "baby" and if they stood still long enough, she would make a move to give them a hug! I could just see these other parents freaking out that this little girl is trying to hug their kid, so I gently steered her away from each child and helped her climb the bridge and slide down. I always thought those play climbing things were made of hard shiny plastic, but they're actually foam covered with more shiny foam. Can't hurt yourself at all because even the floor is bouncy rubber. Kinda neat.

So Haleigh didn't get to make a friend at the mall. The one little boy that didn't look too afraid of her coming at him with her arms out for a hug kinda just stood there like he was gonna do something weird, so we slowly backed away and climbed on the big turtle haha...

Need to get some playdates going I guess! Gotta socialize this little bug...


Blogger Averie Jean said...

Averie liked that place too...she just crawled back and forth from the fish to the kangaroo...over and over! We will be up for a play date very soon! Our house is slowly coming along! :o)

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