Wednesday, March 29, 2006
A little bit of cuteness...

Haleigh will point at something or hold it up to you and say "DIS!" (this?) so you can tell her what it is, then she tries to repeat what you say once or twice before saying "DIS!" about something else.

She knows what a cup is, but she can't say "cup" - she turns it around and says "puck."

One from the car yesterday - loving my camera phone!

dinner the other night...

This one is from last summer - I went back through some old ones and played around with Picasa on them. Look how chubby her cheeks were!

And some hands & feet at different ages :o)


Blogger holli said...

I love the "DIS" stage!!!

AND carseat pics.. AND baby feet.. AND nubbies!!

And she is so cute!

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