Friday, March 31, 2006
Until today, I didn't think Haleigh had her own words for anything. She pretty much uses the right words, once she says "DAT!" and you tell her what it is. But while reading other blogs about baby-isms yesterday, I realized that she does have at least one weird "Haleigh-ism."

When I picked her up after work Wednesday, she pointed to the porch and said "wee-wee" It took me a minute to figure out what she was saying. Her toddler swing is on the porch and she calls it a wee-wee because she says "weeeee!" when she's swinging in it!

Someone - but I won't say who - taught Haleigh that sticking her finger in her nose was something funny to do. So she would do it just to get a laugh. Well that's just gross, so now when she sticks her finger in her nose, we say "beep beep!" and she squeezes her nose instead and says "beep beep" and we laugh about that. But then she has to go around beep-beeping everybody's nose for them.

She's gotten really tall lately, but is still skinny in the waist. Her 12 month pants fit great but are too short, and her 18 month pants fall down constantly. I guess she'll wear overalls until it's warm enough for capris and shorts! She's so tall she can get off the couch by herself like nothing. Soon she'll be climbing on everything.


Blogger holli said...

awwwww - I think "wee wee" is such a cute word to have as a Haleigh-ism!!! And so great that you wrote it down.. she'll love to remember that someday.

Don't you love it now that wee-wee weather is here??

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