Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yay! Haleigh finally got her pair of BabyLegs!!

BTW that's an empty can of Mountain Dew there... wouldn't dream of sharing with her any of THAT sugary goodness... no way. Chad let her hold it and there was quite a meltdown when I (a.k.a. BAD MOMMY) took it away to keep her from slicing her gums open because she knew exactly how to put it to her mouth to drink.

The only thing that would help that meltdown was an offer of a bath and to watch TV in bed. So here she's mesmerized by Wheel of Fortune and then Teen Jeopardy. Hey, at least they're somewhat educational... she calls out letters for Wheel :o)

This was taken at Grammie & Poppy's a few weeks ago but it looks like it's summertime out there with the grass being so green. She's patting Trudy's back.


Blogger Averie Jean said...

Love the babylegs, Haleigh! I've got the same pair! We could match! :o)

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