Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Thoughts of Haleigh
And how do I know what she's thinking? Because I'm the Mommy.

  1. THAT right there is waterbaby's nose
  2. "Baby... Awhhh"
  3. There's the nose again, just in case you forgot
  4. Itsy Bitsy Spider is the best, and that's his foot right there

  1. I can stand up... really I can do it myself...
  2. Oh this baby is heavy
  3. Reeallly heavy... (she is full of water)
  4. I'll just drag her by this headband handle thing, c'mon baby...

She is nice to the baby sometimes; she'll hold her and pat her on the back and say "awhhh baby"


Blogger Rece Anthony said...

Weird, I can post a comment on this post but not the most recent about her doctor appt.! Tall and skinny huh? That is funny...hope you can get her to gain the weight her doctor would like.

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