Wednesday, January 04, 2006
A Lesson in Mealtime
Haleigh is such a good eater. She will eat just about anything, but she's quick to let you know she's full. Flinging carrots and flipping her plate are good indications that the meal is over. The four-legged furbabies in our household enjoy this part of the meal, as they know that I am too preoccupied with the squirmy baby resisting a washcloth to prevent them from playing hockey with the peas on the floor.

Here are a few pictures from the other night AND don't forget to vote every day for Haleigh's photo in this contest. Thank You!

A perfect angel at dinner, right? Not much left on that plate...

Lookout! She's about to flip the plate!

I DON'T KNOW where the plate went, Momma!


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