Sunday, December 18, 2005
Well we never made it to see Santa today... I am still not liking the mall. Maybe we will try Friday morning. Am I a procrastinator or what??!!

We went to brunch this morning with Chad's family. It was very nice and Haleigh was a very good girl. I think she tried just about everything on that buffet; at least the desserts part. Afterwards we got to open a couple of presents. She had no trouble at all opening the first gift, but it was a sweater so she lost interest completely in opening presents. I finally got her to help me with the second, and when she saw that it was a Weebles playset, she kept saying "WOW" until I could get all of the pieces out of the package. She was really excited about that and she loves playing with the Weebles and their see-saw.

After that we made a Meijer run for their $18.99 DVD player (can you believe that??) and looked for either a Strawberry Shortcake doll or a Raggedy Ann doll. No luck with either so we ended up with a JoJo from JoJo's Circus. She really likes that show and the doll is really cute. You press her hands, feet and tummy and she tells you to do stuff like touch your toes and wave hi. Haleigh can wave hi and that's it right now lol, but the buttons are easy to push so she likes to just hear JoJo talk and laugh.

No gift-opening pictures yet (different camera), but here's the cute preppy outfit she wore today to brunch.


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