Thursday, December 22, 2005
Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Things about Haleigh Rose

  1. I love TV remotes… especially our new one that lights up (yeah I broke the old one) but Mommy keeps trading me toys for the remote when I get a hold of it.
  2. I can fling Weebles.
  3. Mommy has to keep the wash cloth away from me in the bathtub because if I get a hold of it, I will suck the water out! (Mommy says: What is with that? yuck)
  4. If I see something new that I like, I say “Wow!”
  5. I love veggies.
  6. I don’t like my winter coat – it makes me look like an Eskimo and I can’t move! I will whine and drop to the floor if someone tries to make me wear it.
  7. Ditto for a winter hat.
  8. I love looking at pictures of myself (and other babies too, I suppose.)
  9. Pizza Hut commercials make me stop and stare.
  10. I like my milk cold and my food hot… no more “room temperature” people - yuck!
  11. I have to have a blankie in bed… and carry one around before bed. Sometimes I get carried away with holding the blankie in front of my face and end up walking into a wall. So graceful. (Mommy says: good thing we have 5 identical blankies!)
  12. If given the chance, I will take my socks off.
  13. I’ve gotten so many Christmas Cards and I love looking at them... and yelling at them... and tasting them... Thank You!!!


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