Saturday, December 17, 2005
Random Thoughts
Not much new to report... we've just been busy busy busy.

Haleigh saw a Santa on tv last night and pointed to him and said "Poppy!". So I guess when we take her tomorrow to see Santa at the mall she may think he's her Poppy. That's fine with me if it keeps her from crying.

She also says "baby" really well now and any person under like 12 years old is a "baby" to her.

We just received Haleigh's gift from Chad's Aunt Sarah in the mail. She's really been busy! I'll add some pictures soon because I can't even tell you how beautiful these clothes are. She crocheted a bunch of hats and bonnets and a fabulous lilac purple poncho for the spring. It's so adorable. Haleigh thinks it's a blankie.

I will also post her Christmas photo soon, but I wanted to get my Christmas cards out first.

Lots of Love from Haleigh and Mommy!


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