Friday, December 09, 2005
New Things
Haleigh says "ah-choo!" now. She heard Poppy sneeze yesterday and has been saying it all the time since.

Here's a picture of her signing "more"

Picking up the binki

Waiting patiently for the Doodlebops to come on!

In the "educational TV" trance...


She likes manicures. Chad filed her fingernails last night and she loved it!

No Santa visit yet, but hopefully soon! I'm scared of the mall this time of year, so maybe we'll go Sunday morning when everybody is at church.

Drive safe today everyone! (if you're here in town, or anywhere in the midwest really!)


Anonymous Shelley said...

Haleigh has grown sooo much. look at those chubby cheeks. She is Beautiful. good luck with the manicures chad and have a great christmas and a happy new year.
Love you all,

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