Thursday, November 10, 2005
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things on Mommy’s Mind

  1. Last night Grammie K spoiled Haleigh with some dessert… a strawberry- jello- angelfood cake and whipped cream dessert. Not only did she have some after dinner, I caught her giving Haleigh whipped cream at 9pm before we left! Poor thing was on such a sugar high she didn’t go to sleep until 10:30, and today she’s a grump. Thank you Grammie.
  2. I am still kind of peeved about our dryer situation… sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The apartment office has not returned any of my calls and messages for over a week, and I guess I will just have to go in there and talk to someone... ugh.
  3. Our TV is going out too.
  4. But they won’t fix that, so it’s a good thing I’m working two jobs!
  5. I Love my Haleigh-bug
  6. I want to be a stay-at-home mom. I wish our friends all had babies so I could watch them all and stay at home with Haleigh.
  7. I love my parents – they are the BEST
  8. I am disappointed in someone but I don’t know how to tell them. Some stupid circumstances have resulted in a lost friend I think. I am very sad that this person isn’t in Haleigh’s life anymore because she is a good role model. I’m just disappointed.
  9. I’m getting excited for Christmas. I don’t know where we will set up our small tree, but between the cats and Haleigh, it probably will get put IN the pack-n-play… and then in the closet…
  10. I need to do some major cleaning this weekend. Grammie K will have Haleigh overnight Saturday (Chad and I have a date) so hopefully I can get motivated Sunday morning.
  11. I love the fall season leading into the holiday season. My mom gave me a 4-ingredient cookbook yesterday and I am so excited to start baking. I’ve never been one to cook or bake, but I’m a mommy now so I have an excuse to start.
  12. I’m having a good day at work… some different things to do today. A little marketing, a little research, a little tax… and of course a little blogging!
  13. Next week is a short week here at work – I’m going to a tax seminar out of town Thursday and Friday (yay for me). Then the week after is short too because of Thanksgiving! I’m starting to like family holidays now because Haleigh is so much fun.

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Blogger mommy d said...

Enjoy the holidays with your little one! I love that Christmas is coming. My kids are so excited!

Blogger Jen said...

When our parents mess the kids up in some way (giving them too much candy or not putting them down the whole time) we say they have "Grandma Disease." They get over it, but it's a pain, isn't it?

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