Thursday, November 03, 2005
Thursday Thirteen

Haleigh's Thursday Thirteen

I Like...

  1. Lemons (got this from Daddy)
  2. When I see the cats - I let out an ear-piercing screech
  3. Wrinkling up my nose and smirking at people
  4. When people tell me secrets
  5. Hide-and-Seek, Peek-a-Boo, and Pat-a-Cake
  6. Tearing the flaps out of my Book of Colors
  7. Our geckos - I just realized we have them, and they're boring, but I keep cruising on over to check on them
  8. My tiny windchimes that Kristy and Kevin brought me from their cruise - they make me smile
  9. My magnet fridge letters
  10. Eating dinner the same time Mommy and Daddy eat dinner
  11. Throwing my sippy cup on the floor, over and over
  12. Helping Daddy play on the computer
  13. Helping Mommy get my toys out... I mean put them away...

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Blogger mommy d said...

Cute idea to do it from your daughter's perspective. Are you from MI? I saw your go Red Wings! We love the Red Wings around here. We are originally from MI...Livonia. Thanks for visiting!

Blogger Jen said...

What a cutie!

My kids still love their fridge magnet letters, and the oldest is 10!

Here's my 13!

Blogger Renee said...

too cute! We have frige words (darly is 7) I made them with a magnet vent cover, a sharpie & scissors. too small for your dd now, but nice for when she's bigger.

here's my 13

Blogger holli said...

Well I think Haleigh and Faith would get along just fine.. they could suck on lemons and destroy all their reading material.

Who likes lemons???? I guess babies do??

Great list.

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