Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Thank You
Dear Haleigh,

Someday I want you to read this blog so you will know what all happened when you were a baby and just how much everybody loves you. I want you to know what a joy you are in my life and that I'll always be there for you.

Last night, I had the best time rocking you before bedtime. I had you facing me, lying on my tummy. You kept laying your head on my chest and then sitting up to look at me, over and over. Then, just when I thought you were out, you looked into my eyes, pulled my face down to yours and rubbed noses with me. You did that until you absolutely couldn't keep your eyes open any longer, and then you drifted off to sleep. I just sat there and rocked you for a long time... even though the laundry needed folding and the dishes needed doing and one of my favorite tv shows was coming on... we just rocked.

So thank you little bug, for coming into our life and making it brighter and fuller.

Love, Mommy


Blogger holli said...

That was very sweet.. someday she will love to read that.

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