Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Some great news! Grandma M and I have been working with Haleigh on signing a couple of words to help with the awful whining sound she makes when she wants something. We've been trying "more" and "milk." Friday night at dinner at a nice restaurant, I was feeding her those gerber fruit puffs and after she finished two, she looked at the puffs and signed "more". It wasn't pat-a-cake, it was fingertips-together MORE. Very cool.

She's done it other times too, but not really when she could have more of something... just random "more" requests haha.

Here's some pictures from Tuesday during the day and after work because she was just so cute in her Pooh-bear outfit.

Ok, now I know she has to grow up sometime, but this is ridiculous. She looks way too old in the following picture... certainly not 9 months. It could also be the fact that she's booking around the house now, and we have to keep doors closed.


Blogger Averie Jean said...

Good job on the signing! We're working on that too, nothing yet though! :o)

Blogger Averie Jean said...

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