Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Just a quick post here... Haleigh and I have both been sick this weekend so not much has happened. She was running a fever off and on and just overall looked pitiful. Then she passed it on to me and Grammie M. She's feeling better this week though.

Lately when I tell her "no, don't touch that, come over here" I make that come here motion with my index finger. Last night I told her she couldn't touch the candle on the table and to "come over here" and she turned around...

Looked at me...

And did the index finger move for come here. It was great.

She's also getting mischievous where she'll walk over and touch something she knows she's not supposed to touch (i.e. the CD rack) and look over her shoulder at me to see if I'm noticing. She won't do anything extreme (like pull any out) but she'll just touch them as if scanning the titles until I get her attention with something more interesting.

Shanahan stole one of her magnet letters and was batting it around on the vinyl floor. When Haleigh heard that sound, she whipped around from a session of threatening-to-touch-the-CD-rack and practically ran across the living room towards Shan yelling baby-obscenities and waving her finger at him! He didn't know what to do so he abandoned the letter and escaped to the top of the bookshelf, well out of her reach. She then spent a good 15 minutes exclusively playing with that one letter, carrying it from room to room. Can't wait to teach her how to share... yeah.

However, I am very proud of her for learning how to pet an animal nicely. Grammie M has been working with her on this because she really used to be violent with pets. They've got Trudy and Heidi over there, and while Heidi doesn't want Haleigh to even look at her, Trudy and Haleigh are buddies (they are the same age.) Lately we've noticed Haleigh petting our furbabies more nicely, and with an open hand, instead of grabbing fistfuls of fur and pulling in opposite directions (poor cats!). So thanks Grammie M!

So I guess a few things have been going on... Hope you all have a Happy Turkey Day!


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