Friday, October 28, 2005
Pizza Party
Last night Kristy and Kevin came over and Grandma and Grandpa brought pizza for dinner. Haleigh got to chew on a crust, and she almost ate the entire thing! After dinner, she decided to show off her new walking skills and went from the middle of the kitchen to the middle of the living room.

Back and forth.

Over and over.

She pivots on one leg when she turns - it's so cute.

Tonight when I was giving her a bedtime bottle, Chad was sitting across the room from us. Haleigh would drink some milk and then sit straight up and babble something to Chad. We would laugh and she would lie back down and take some more bottle. She did this about 10 times before she finally finished. She thought it was so funny. Our little comedienne...

Tomorrow we're taking her to the nursing home where my great-grandma is living. She'll be in her Halloween costume for a bit, then we'll have donuts and cider (milk for the little one) and visit with Nannie. And Sunday, Chad's grandparents are coming in town so we have a pretty busy weekend. We'll definitely post some pictures soon!


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