Monday, October 17, 2005
Monday Meltdown...

Mommy says: This morning when I went to wake Haleigh at 7:20 (we leave at 7:30) her blanket was bunched up in a ball directly on top of her face. Her face was warm, but the rest of her was chilly lol. So I slowly pulled the blanket down and said good morning. The little booger growled at me and pulled the blanket back over her face and went back to sleep! So I took the blanket away and she growled again even meaner, hollered at me, and rolled over to go back to sleep. Finally I got her to smile and wake up and she was a happy baby again until I started dressing her... she doesn't like to have a shirt put on her. I got one on finally after a mini-meltdown and then she was fine.. but I didn't like the shirt; it didn't match the pants. So I took the shirt off (a little easier than putting it on) and attempted to put on a red turtleneck onesie. Now, she'll tolerate laying down for only the short amount of time it takes to change a diaper (sometimes not even that long) and then she has to be sitting up. But we haven't mastered the art of snapping a onesie without lying down. So another meltdown ensued, resulting in me trying to put it on so fast that I didn't realize the thing was on backwards. So yeah, I had to take it off and put it back on the right way. By then Daddy had come in to see what the deal was and of course she was just as pleasant as sunshine to him. But the evil mommy-monster who puts shirts on is not to be forgiven. Then, she bites me! Her little gums feel like a clothespin snapping on my shoulder. I've never heard of such baby-violence in an 8 1/2 month old. She is not a morning person.

So that was our Monday morning.. How was yours?


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