Thursday, June 23, 2005
Haleigh had a nice evening last night. She had carrots and oatmeal for dinner and then grandpa stopped for dinner and to see her. But not long after he got there, she was ready for her bath and then to bed because I hadn't let her nap after I got home from work. So she was completely asleep when I put her to bed.

This is crazy, but I decided to put her to bed with her head at the opposite end of the crib where she normally lays. Just to see what would happen...

When I went to wake her this morning, she was awake and having a quiet conversation with her animals between the wall and the back of the crib - but she was turned back around the way she normally sleeps! I don't know how she did it.. she isn't really rolling much yet and she didn't make any noise all night. She must've just missed her animals enough that she scooted all the way around so she would be by them. I'll have to move some down to the other end of the crib...


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