Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Tonight we tried peaches for dinner. She loved them! I can't wait to try something else now that she actually likes something. She really didn't care for the applesauce or sweet potatoes. Next maybe bananas.

Grammie and Grandpa stopped by to see the Haleigh-bug tonight. She was smiley with mom, but not so sure about dad yet until he started tossing her up in the air. She really squealed about that and I got a good picture of the two of them. Then it was bath, book, snack and to bed. Probably going to dress her in one of her new outfits tomorrow - light pink and dark pink striped romper with a princess on the side.

Haleigh & Grandpa


Blogger Rie said...

Your little baby is so cute! The babies always make me happy...
I feel your great love for her.

Anonymous Simon said...

great picture! bik kiss to haleigh from germany!

Anonymous simon said...

ups, i mean big not bik

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